Thirst Relief Auction ~ Bid on Mentoring with Me!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 1:18pm - Personal

Hello friends, family, and colleagues.  I want to let you know about an incredible opportunity going on right now to help save lives by bringing clean drinking water to those in need, while also getting an amazing opportunity to be mentored by some of the county´s top photographers!  The Thirst Relief Auction is going on right now and the bidding will start to close just after 9pm Eastern Standard Time tonight, so I highly encourage you to go bid on your favorite photographers!!!  Thirst Relief is an amazing organization doing incredible things to help save lives through bringing clean drinking water to people in need.  Over the years I have won 2 separate auctions, and the mentoring I received from Melissa Jill and then Jeff Jochum has helped my business immensely.

I am honored to be one of the mentors, so lets make a difference, together.

For whoever wins a bid with me, I am excited to share with you and help you discover how continuing to pursue personal work in addition to your client work can help keep your passion for photography alive, while also strategically enhancing your brand. Really I want to do whatever I can to help you in your photography or your your photography business, whether it be shooting techniques, to Lightroom work flow, to networking and marketing, to living a life still doing other things you love while also growing a business. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in our business, that we forget what brought us to the business in the first place, which is most often a love for creating images.  Do you still have the same passion for photography you had when you started?  Are you still picking up your camera and going to create images for yourself?  Do you have harmony in other pars of your life as well while spending so much time on your business?  Are you working on your business or is your business working on you?

Lets talk about whatever you want over tea or coffee, or lunch, or dinner.  Or lets go out and shoot. Whoever wins, if you can make it to Yosemite I will give you a free "Day in Yosemite", personal guided photo tours and instruction in one of planets most beautiful places that I plan to start marketing this year ($500 value).  Can´t make it to Yosemite but you´ll be in Vegas???  Lets go out to Red Rocks and shoot or find somewhere else out in the desert.  I am also including for the winning bidder 10 free royalty free songs from ($300 value), and my full set of Lightroom Presets ($20 value).

Thank you for helping support Thirst Relief bring clean drinking water to people in need.  Lets make a difference and help save lives, you and me together.

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