My First Reel

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 9:03pm - Video

 Lately I´ve been really excited exploring motion with my visual art, so I wanted to put together a piece that captured the spirit of my favorite images, video, and timelapse; all cinematically choreographed with a new song I just wrote and recorded.  I´ve been a photographer and musician for a long time, but film making and motion is new and very exciting for me.  I´m very excited to continue diving into and exploring this new world.  

I hope you enjoy my vision of beauty.  If you do, please share it with someone.  Do you have any favorite images?  Any comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.  Thanks for taking the time to view my work.  Hope you´re well!

Shawn Reeder Reel 1 from Shawn Reeder on Vimeo.

Make sure to watch it full screen for the best viewing experience!
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