Lens Pro To Go ViewFinder Partnership!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 11:10pm - Personal

I am beyond honored to be a part of a new partnership with the wonderful folks at Lens Pro To Go called ViewFinders.  They just made their grand announcement!  


Paul Friedman, who started and runs Lens Pro To Go, has always been a very giving person who genuinely loves helping others and being of service. It couldn´t be more evident in the wonderful spirit that pervades his entire company, as they offer some of the best, and friendliest customer service I´ve ever experienced.  They really are a family, and treat their customers like family.  


Paul and his team have reached out to some very inspiring photographers and filmmakers to share their experience and knowledge with Lens Pro To Go´s customers through this new ViewFinders partnership, in hopes of expanding people´s creative horizons.  Each month they will interview a different Viewfinder and share some recent stories and advice.  They will also be opening up questions to their customers with awesome prizes for people´s whose questions are chosen. 


I am thrilled to be the first Viewfinder that they´re going to interview.  You can submit any questions you would like for them to ask me through the ViewFinders website.  The three questions that get chosen will all win a 12x18 print of your choice from my soon to be announced Signature Collection!


You should check out their new ViewFinder website!

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