Big Sur ~ Landscape & Tilt Shift Photography

Sunday, May 13th, 2012 at 1:32pm - Landscape

 Last week I had the amazing opportunity to go shoot in Big Sur again, one of my favorite sections of coast I´ve ever experienced.  I was working on a  secret shoot with Tom Lowe´s Dreamcore Productions, and got some wonderful experience with the RED Epic camera and operating a Kessler Crane.  Of course I had to shoot some stills and time-lapse as well!  We were stoked to get some really nice sunsets, and as always its amazing to shoot the ocean after spending so much time in the mountains and desert.

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 Last year in May I also got to shoot Big Sur, and just like last year I had a couple of Canon´s Tilt Shift lenses with me, the 17TS and the 24TS. Shooting Tilt Shift is very challenging and constantly makes me have to really focus on my composition and focus, and pay extra attention to composition.  I love this challenge.  I must also note that beside being able to shoot Tilt and Shift with these lenses, that they make insanely sharp primes.  All the images above that have no Tilt or Shift in them were taken with the same 2 lenses.  Canon´s 17TS is absolutely one of my favorite all time lenses, and is always a treat to have around when I rent it from  I encourage you to check it out sometime!

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