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Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 9:57am - Personal

 Hi friends!  I´m so excited to share with you an all new website that is a collaboration between my dear friend Kirsi Ranto and I.  I have always known that my mission in life is to spread love, and when Kirsi and I met, we realized that we both share the same mission.  I believe art is a very powerful way to raise consciousness, and open our hearts to unconditional love.  That´s how Oneness Mission was born.

Oneness Mission is a global movement sharing beauty, love and light through visuals, music and writings. It is created by myself as a visual artist and musician, and Kirsi as a music artist, writer and founder of the Be The Light You Are method, a tool of the heart for self discovery and awareness.

Our mission is based on our heart’s desire to be one with Love, to be of service, and to live true our highest visions of ourselves. We started to work together during the spring of 2012 and realized immediately that we shared the same mission. So we started our cooperation by creating two films: The Essence of Kirsi Ranto Deepthi and An Evening with Deepthi.

Please join us on Facebook, visit in our Oneness Mission - website and share in this journey with us.

I really hope you’ll love it as much we have loved this journey while making our dream come true with this mission!

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