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I´m incredibly excited to share a little about someone who has been a huge inspiration to me, and has become a dear friend.  Will Jacks of Cleveland Mississippi is the epitome of an artiste; passionate, talented, brilliant, and soulful.  To see his work, you almost have to be heartless to not be touched and moved.  I remember the first time I saw his images from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  I couldn´t even find words for the emotions his images provoked inside me.

Well now Will is putting together what promises to be THE art festival of the year, a week of entertainment and culture, of music and photography, and fellow artists coming together to share their work and of them selves.  This is actually the first time I´ve been inspired to submit to a show, but I´m just brimming with excitement and anticipation.  August is an incredibly busy time for me, but I´m going to try as hard as I can to make it down to the show regardless if any of my work gets accepted or not.  I have a feeling the work that is shown is going to be of the highest caliber.

So please check out Will´s website and his site for the show.  Have some amazing images you´d like to submit, you should!!  Submissions are free and open to everyone, so please submit.  Will has an amazing heart and is doing this purely for his love of art and photography, so lets support him and make this the best show it can be!!



For now, since I love to post images, I thought I would share an image that I may submit, but I´m excited to go out and and make new work trying to be conscious in how I "see" the world.  So I´ll be posting updates over the next few months as I go out and explore myself and the world trying to find some images worthy of this awesome opportunity.  I´ll be asking for feedback as I work on this project, so please leave a comment if you have any thoughts or feelings you´d like to share, and maybe we can explore this together.

You can purchase prints and digital downloads of this image here if you would like.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you´re having a wonderful day.

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