How´s He Get Those Climbing Shots??? ~ 5D Mark II Video

Saturday, May 9th, 2009 at 1:35pm - Video

When I was in Yosemite last week, I had 6 straight days of shooting; from a wedding, to an engagement shoot, to rock climbing, to filming for a personal project I´m working on.  Well while I was shooting some rock climbing, I thought how cool would it be to just get a little footage of myself hanging off the side of a cliff in Yosemite.  So since my new Canon 5D Mark II not only takes incredible stills but spectacular video as well, I decided to try and get a little footage while I was shooting my friends Sean jones and Graham Hunt rock climbing in the Iota chimney, a wild chasm thats rarely visited, even though its not that far off the road.

I also included a little footage at the end of a killer rope swing we had loads of fun on in the alcove on El Cap.  What a blast!!!  Hope you´re having a wonderful day.



The song is "Growing Up" by Shawn Reeder and is available at

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