Pictage Partnercon NOLA

Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at 7:46am - Personal

This week Pictage had their annual Partnercon conference in New Orleans, and it was hands down the most exciting, inspiring, uplifting industry event that I´ve ever been to.  It was so good to see so many dear friends, and to make so many new ones.

I´m still down south to shoot a wedding with Will Jacks in Mississippi today, but I can´t wait to get home and be able to let all the whole experience really sink in.

A quick thanks to some very special people who really helped make this the best Partnercon ever.  Scott Anderson, Lisa Allen, and Emily Engle really outdid themselves this year putting this event together.  Jim Collins leadership was very inspiring and one of y highlights of the trip was being able to hug this man.  And Chris Williams is just an incredible guy who did so much to make this experience in NOLA as magical as it was, and his tour through the lower 9th ward was very humbling.  If you haven´t seen his work, go check it out right now.  I also want to thank my rooomate and dear friend Will Jacks for another incredible week of exploration, philosophy, and pondering on the deeper meanings of life.

Thanks again Pictage for an incredible even that has left me dreaming, creative, and inspired!

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