Climbing Mt Emerson ~ 5D Mark II Video

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 at 2:25pm - Video

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend good time with your friends and family, or got to spend time being creative or doing whatever you love to do. This past weekend I edited together a first draft for a short film I´m making from a mountain climb with my dear friend Ryan back in September.  I´m still relatively new to shooting and editing video, and yet I´ve undertaken a full length film this year, Welcome To The Outside; so I want to get some editing practice in before diving in to the movie edit.  

I jumped right in to making a full blown movie because I´ve never been so inspired in my life, and I really want to share and spread a message about how beautiful, profound, and life changing exploring nature can be.  After seeing the movie "Once", I just knew right then with such clarity that I was going to make a movie.  The whole story, everything, just came to me in a vision so clear I couldn´t ignore it.  So we filmed Welcome To The Outside this spring/summer/fall over 18 days, and my winter time project when I return home from holiday travels is to edit the movie and bring it all together.  So since editing especially is still some what new to me, I thought I´d make a few short films before editing the movie to be able to learn Final Cut Pro, and get more familiar with the art and craft of editing in general.  I made a teaser music video for Welcome To The Outside as my first short, and this mountain climb will be my second (some of the earlier videos I´ve posted on this blog were made in iMovie). 

This short was filmed on Mt Emerson, a 13,204 foot peak in the southern Sierra that towers over Bishop, CA.  It was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson by John Muir, and since both these people are luminaries to me, it felt special to be on this mountain.  We climbed the gorgeous 3000 ft Southeast face, which I had climbed before with legendary Sierra climbers Doug Robinson and Sean Jones

This film is meant to give a real feeling of what its like to climb a Sierra peak.  I´d like to ultimately submit this to the Banff Outdoor Film Festival, but I thought I would post this first edit and get some feedback.  I ultimately think I will shorten it down a little farther and tighten it up a bit, maybe add some voice over to give more insight into why we climb these mountains; but I´d love to hear your thoughts and feelings.  What do you like about it?  What would you like to see improved?  I appreciate your time and hope you enjoy!!


"Flowing Like Water" and "A New Day" were written and recorded by Shawn Reeder, and are available as Royalty Free Music downloads at Shawn Reeder

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